November 2019

Mr Meaner

Aries: When you break out of old behaviors that don’t actually suit you anymore it would be wonderful if the world would throw you a little party, but the world is a hard place. For the most part, people hate you and think you’re just taking up space. best to never break out and keep all those dreams locked away in a place where people can’t hold them against you. Live in the basement.
Taurus: You may see the path forward as clear as day, but this isn’t the best time to rush things. Make sure that you are including others in your plans and that you’re not forcing them to move at your pace. Force them to move much faster and worker hard so you don’t have to. Re-read Huckleberry Finn.
Gemini: You’re on the precipice of clarity, but it’s not likely to come right away. What you can do in the meantime is emotional; honour and support your feelings. Channel all that frustration and anger into something productive and get even. Binge watch CSI and Dexter.
Cancer: If you keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself you run the risk of stewing on half-truths and assumptions. Search the internet for the answers. There are countless perspectives and legitimate source to draw conclusions from, especially when considering human nature. Install Tinder.
Leo: Strive to take care of yourself without attachments. Give away all your possessions and go live on the street. That will teach you.
Virgo: True leadership requires collaboration, and true power isn’t diminished by sharing it. Absolute power, on the other hand, is far more rewarding and satisfying. Don’t listen to anyone who suggests otherwise. Dictators have the best lives and don’t care about the needs of others around them. Buy a flak jacket.
Scorpio: This month, find ways of reminding yourself what you truly care about, why you’re concerned, and basically, what you’re in it for so that you don’t waste your energy on things that don’t really matter when it comes down to it. Don’t fool yourself. It’s all about you. Feelings are over-rated and just get in the way, so get out there and start exploiting everyone!
Sagittarius: Start with what’s true for you and expand your clarity from there. Does it make you feel bad to talk to that person? Do you want to punch them? Remember violence is bad, especially when you get caught.
Capricorn: The line between stability and stagnancy can be a sensitive one to navigate. When you don’t have the flexibility to change your mind, your approach, or worst of all, your feelings about a thing, you’re stuck. best to believe in nothing. Everything is fake news and alternative facts anyway. So don’t sweat it. Do whatever you like.
Aquarius: Show up in ways big and small that reflect the energy and content that you want reflected in your relationships. If others can’t meet you where you need them to, you may have to take more drastic actions. People are selfish and only care about themselves. This can be used to your advantage. Lies and deceit is the flavour of the day and the gullible fall for anything. Start your own university.
Pisces: Where you’re feeling most apprehensive or scared is where you most need kindness, patience and a gentle touch. Validate your feelings without attaching yourself to the story you currently have about why you got here. Blame others for your failures and once they turn spiteful, discard them like a “trucker bomb.” That is all.