New Canadian Cabins @ AGP

Pulling from the visual ephemera Urquhart encountered through his time growing up and living in Southwestern Ontario, New Canadian Cabins reinvents and reimagines the cabin and its humble architecture designed for habitation, comfort, and recreation. Beginning as a single piece for the 2010 Ice Follies Festival in North Bay, the New Canadian Cabins series has grown and become a full body of work, a portion of which is presented here. On the series, Nida Home Doherty wrote: β€œIn the fragmented compositions of brought-together, disparate objects, the work speaks of an underlying tension in an attempt to hold to, or reclaim, a sense of nationhood, a sense of self and home.” Article by Nida Home Doherty in London Yodeller. Until Sep 24 at The Art Gallery of Peterborough.