“METHOD” wins TFI short film contest

Outside of film festivals and awards, short films are rarely seen by the general cinephiles. Short films were deemed the underdog of the movie industry for a long time. Now with the digital revolution, they are set to become the most valuable communication tool. They will not take the backseat of feature films, as merely to gain experience or a warm up, anymore.
At the brink of film revolution when short films are gaining traction as a potential medium of choice to communicate ideology, vision, and style- from politics to arts to entertainment- STRUTT talent Sebestain J. Deery comes into the spotlight.
His short film working under the title of “Method” won the ‘First’ Toronto Film Industry (TFI) short film competition! The film is about, a method actor who is pushed to the limits to get inside the mind of a killer.
With the scripts fully written, the short film concept is now set to be [entirely] produced and funded by the Toronto Film Investment Group Inc.
The film which is to be premiered at the first ever Toronto Film Industry Festivals Of Films (TFIFF) will be showcased across all of TFI’s multi-media platforms and associated partners-for the world to appreciate Deery’s artistic achievements.