Families who are running out of films to stream (and have watched Trolls World Tour for the umpteenth time) will be happy to know that My Spy is now available on Prime Video. This much delayed action-comedy, that made a brief appearance in Canadian theatres before COVID-19’s cinema lockdown, is a really funny flick that’s also surprisingly charming. Though strikingly similar to Kindergarten Cop, My Spy still finds a way to stand on its own legs. Another family film that is currently available on digital platforms is Sonic The Hedgehog. Unfortunately, it left me feeling underwhelmed. The effects are vibrant (as is the overhauled design of Sonic), but the qualities of this mediocre movie are straight off-the-shelf. Ben Schwartz, astoundingly, is very annoying as the flashy video game character, while Jim Carrey gives us the type of zany performance he can do in his sleep. Schwartz, however, is in his more natural element on Netflix with performing pal Thomas Middleditch. Middleditch & Schwartz (now streaming) is a three-part, completely improvised comedy special that will have you doubled over. Not only is it a masterclass in improv, but it’s a shining showcase of how truly talented and clever these actors are. Schwartz even creates an alien character that’s more realized than Sonic. Horror hounds should cautiously seek out The Lodge (available digitally on May 19, with a VOD and physical media release scheduled for May 26). Like last month’s Vivarium, it’s a film that deals with isolation, but this macabre thriller is aggressively bleak. It’s undoubtably effective and leaves you with a pit in your stomach, but the level of dread may be too much for some viewers. For lighter horror fare, Extra Ordinary hits VOD and digital platforms on May 5. After a successful festival run, this horror-comedy (co-starring Will Forte) will finally find out if it’s the inevitable cult hit so many anticipated it to be.