Ever since cinemas joined a worldwide lockdown to encourage physical distancing and stop the spread of COVID-19, we’ve seen the film industry take interesting detours with their theatrical releases. Studios have opted for VOD and digital outlets, charging a premium rental price to enjoy new releases from the comfort of your home. Universal’s The Invisible Man and The Hunt are available on iTunes, while Onward and DinseyNature’s latest documentaries (Elephant and Dolphin Reef) are set for streaming on Disney+ (April 3). Indies are also following suit. If you’re looking for a dystopian spin on suburbia, I recommend Vivarium (available on VOD/Digital). It’s a bleak, jet-black satire that works as a fantastic slice of science fiction. For lighter fare, at-home viewers should check out Canadian Strain (available on VOD/Digital). Geordie Sabbagh’s dramedy is a clever take on the legalization of cannabis from the perspective of a Torontonian drug dealer. Run This Town, another whip-smart Canadian movie taking place in Toronto, hits Digital HD this month (Apr. 21). This intelligent flick covers the peak of Rob Ford’s scandalous mayoral run from perspectives of journalists and young city hall staff. But, James vs. His Future Self (Apr. 3) could be this month’s at-home sleeper hit. It’s a sweet and funny sci-fi/rom-com with a scene-stealing performance from Home Alone’s Daniel Stern. Those looking for a scary movie may be tempted by The Turning (Apr. 7), but I wouldn’t recommend it. Aside from Brooklynn Prince’s endearing performance, it’s an agonizing mess of half-baked psychological and supernatural horror. Instead, I would like to remind readers that Gretel & Hansel will be available the same day. I haven’t seen the film, but its atmospheric trailer was enough to give me the willies. I can’t wait to watch it on my couch through the protection of a thin blanket pulled up over my head.