STRUTT Models Walk FAT 2017

A squad of talented STRUTT models proved their worth and trumped the Toronto Fashion scene while walking the runway for Fashion Art Toronto 2017 (FAT 2017).  Fashion Art Toronto is an annual art and fashion festival, held every April to celebrates contemporary art and design through runway shows, live performances, fashion films, photography exhibits and art installations. STRUTT/PLUTINO model Olivia Sarah Whan walked the runway wearing multiple designers. Like the versatile talent that we know her to be, model Whan seamlessly expressed the true spirit of each designers creations.
While, STRUTT model Landon Marchen was a complete chameleon. He became the tangible imagination of designer L’Uomo Strano while walking in his designs.
An entire army of STRUTT models: Kelaiah Guiel, Gabrielle Maynard, Mercedes Mitchell, Michaela Zinsmeister, Lauryn Mills, Britney Bentick, Lainey Moser, and Avery Quantrill walked FAT 2017 for Xue Liang Design. An award-winning designer who transform unconventional materials into couture wearables, and up-cycle everyday waste into opulent fashion.

Pictured: Olivia Whan, Jessica Gagnon and Landon Marchen.