Richard Daniel Leko

When Richard Daniel Leko was a small kid, he would marvel at the fun of it actually being ok to make mistakes, as he watched TV Bloopers & Practical Jokes. Watching this every week on TV, he would continually tell his parents that this is what he wanted to do. Growing up watching Laurel & Hardy, his love of slapstick style comedy movies was only enhanced by such classics as Airplane! & Leslie Nielsen’s Naked Gun trilogy.
He auditioned for any theatrical plays or musicals in public school, community theatres and high school and was cast in numerous productions. Being behind the camera interested him as well, and he was one of 99 students accepted out of 1000 applicants to Sheridan College’s acclaimed Media Arts program. When his classmates learned of his acting abilities, he was immediately cast into numerous indie student films, often being killed while doing his own stunts. He graduated with a diploma in Media Arts majoring in Film in 1999, and has been working full time every since, both in front and behind the lense, on commercials, feature films, music videos and short films.
Since joining the STRUTT roster, he has landed several commercials, indie films, ACTRA TIP shorts as well as a role in a scene with Matt Damon in the upcoming Hollywood Feature Film, “Downsizing” due out Christmas 2017.
Besides his involvement in film production, Richard is also an accomplished musician, who has toured North America several times with his band, BROOMFILLER. He continues to write and record music and tour with his band, as well as Direct / Produce / Shoot music videos, short films and commercials with his own production company, LEKOVISION Productions Inc.
“Dyslexia for cure found”.