Mont Pellier THREAD X THREAD Challenge

We can never have too much creativity in the fashion and beauty industry that strives to create positive change globally, or patrons who take action towards more sustainable future [knowing that fashion is the second largest polluter]. The reality is we don’t have enough people from the fashion industry who contribute ‘genuinely’ towards a more sustainable future. Those ‘rare’ industry influencers working relentlessly to take responsibility and inspire positive change need applauding.
One of that rare visionary is Mont Pellier – Global Platform, the brain child of our very own Christina Abbott, founder of STRUTT CENTRAL. THREAD X THREAD Challenge of Mont Pellier in collaboration with Aveda Canada’s Rise For Water hair show saw 25 Designers, 11 Guest Artists, 25 Hairstylists, more than 75 volunteers all come together on May 29th in Toronto, for one common goal-” raise fund for clean water projects in Madagascar.”
THREAD X THREAD Challenge, the creative couture that flooded the catwalk challenged the designers to create pieces made solely of the thread, a 100% recycled plastic bottle.
Walking the runway clad in those priceless designs, where a squad of STRUTT models, namely, Lainey Moser, Gabrielle Maynard, Michaela Zinsmeister, Avery Quantrill, Lauryn Mills, Mercedes Mitchell, Chanel Simard, and Kateryna Sysoieva.
The forces of these incredible selfless talents came together and raised more than 35 thousand dollars for the clean water project, and gave future to about 1500 people in Madagascar!