Model Citizen: Yohanna Garcia

Yohanna Gaarcia

Since the start of her journey towards becoming an actress, she has consistently worked hard to get to where she would like to be. Juggling work and school, achieving 2 diplomas, one in business administration and another in medical office assisting while also diving head first into her auditions and filming. Yohanna has been actively pursuing her acting career for about 4 years now and has prominently worked with companies on a national, as well as domestic level including Coca-Cola, Planet Fitness, Kellogg’s, Rogers and in various prints, even working alongside Canadian former professional ice hockey player, Mark Messier. Yohanna, at 21 years old, had everything someone her age would ever want. A stable job right after graduating which meant a steady level of income, but it also wasn’t satisfying enough. After a year she realized if she didn’t focus on what she loved she would never be happy and if it didn’t work out at least she knows she gave her passion, acting, her all. Since taking the big decision in leaving her 9-5 behind, she has booked two lead roles in “Forbidden: Dying for Love” and “See No Evil” and has been taking plenty of acting classes to keep herself busy. Her future goals include having her own talk show, and being able to work alongside her favourite actors in a major Hollywood film. Her hobbies include volunteering, improvisation, travelling, reading and cooking. The reason she became so passionate for helping others came about after taking a humanitarian trip to Jamaica while she was completing her college degree. It made her want to be more involved with helping children and giving back to those who are in need as well as influencing her to one day be able to provide for children who don’t have the means of being able to buy school supplies, and are not able to engage in a proper learning environment. By being able to open and run her own charity in the future, she’s hoping to be able to fund children with the materials needed in order for them to succeed in life.

Photographer: Michael K. Photography