Model Citizen: MICHAEL ANTWI

My name is MICHAEL ANTWI and I have always liked the art of communication. Growing up I would write poetry and perform spoken word. I then became infatuated with acting and modelling. Confidence was something I was learning at the time and I loved that these mediums allowed me to convey that. Due to that I have appeared in car commercials, walked for Mens Fashion Week, acted in some short films, modeled in print ads as well as been on tour. I like STRUTT Central and their mission to not only bring to light great actors and models but their commitment as well to making sure those models and actors shine in their everyday lives. A person’s character is something they take very seriously.
My Interests you can Catch me playing basketball and writing poetry and music. I Love to perform and experiment with writing. I am also working with youth a lot in those areas. I have a dream of opening up a youth shelter one day. One that walks with youth through whatever stage they are in. To do this I was scouted for a job in acquisition and it is really teaching me about business. I also like to read, pray and meditate.
My dream is of being a great actor and inspiring the youth to love themselves and be confident with their dreams. I will achieve this by remembering the youth every time I audition, get casted or work on my craft. Thanks for reading.