Model Citizen: Larry Bradt

I came to Peterborough with the Ministry of Natural Resources in 1996, drawn here by the surrounding lake, rivers and forests. I am now retired from the Ministry of Natural Resources and enjoy globetrotting with my partner, and fishing, hunting, and gardening as well. Looking for something fun to do in retirement, I discovered STRUTT Central who were happy to represent someone in my age group.
Since 2014, STRUTT has sent me for many auditions for both commercials and TV as well as photo shoots for various local businesses. I quickly discovered that you need a thick skin to handle rejection. At the same time, I have had numerous successes including photo shoots for Viamede Resort, Trent University, and Durham College. The people I have met on the sets are a wonderful group and the whole experience has been a lot of fun.
The most fun has been with TV including commercials for Pfizer and Walmart. I played George Soros in a television series called, Big Shorts. I have had parts in re-enactments including America’s Biggest Mysteries, Killing Affairs, Shelter from the Storm, and just completed an episode in Haunted Hospitals. I have played a blind man, a fire chief, a detective, a doctor, and a murderer to name a few.
I would really like to thank Fredau who has helped me all the way with getting auditions and making sure I have all the information required for shoots. A special thanks to my partner who films my self-tapes, reads lines with me, helps me with wardrobe and comes along for the occasional audition and shoot.