KAITLYN YONEMITSU is an outgoing and hard working, 15-year-old girl who strives for success in everything that she does . She gives her all no matter the challenge. She has been a model with STRUTT Central since the age of 9 and has been involved in a variety of projects, such as, runway for a charitable fundraiser (STRUTT for Kids) print ads for Target Canada, Bell Canada, The Shoe Company, Hudson’s Bay and commercials for Family Channel, Little Live Pets, People for Education to name a few. In addition to Modelling, Kaitlyn works part-time at Kawartha Gymnastics Club as a recreational coach.
As driven and focused as she is, she loves being in front of the camera and has a natural beauty that presents not only her external features but also her inner features of her kind and caring personality. Her long term goal is for continued success in the modeling industry in the hopes to travel and also to complete her post-secondary education in the USA on a soccer scholarship to pursue her studies in medicine.

Photographer: Bob House