Model Citizen: Cory Hubbard

Cory Hubbard is a new model/actor on the scene, recently joining the team at STRUTT Central. Cory started his career with STRUTT in January of 2017, booking his first commercial on his first audition. By the end of only his first quarter in the business, he had also booked several photo-shoots for print modeling.
Outside the agency, Cory is a Firefighter with the Toronto Fire Services. He was selected as Mr. January for the Toronto Fire Calendar in 2017, a title that he holds dear to him for the many charitable events he is able to attend in that role. Through these calendar events, Cory has helped raised over a million dollars for the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. Cory enjoys charity work and strives to continue his fundraising efforts in the fight against cancer.
Cory describes himself as a fun, loving, and very outgoing person who loves putting his friends, family, and strangers first. He is always there when someone needs a shoulder to lean on, and is devoted to being the best version of himself that he could be. He enjoys playing hockey, drumming, reading his comic books, and listening to some good old country music.
“STRUTT took a chance with me when I had absolutely no experience. I was as green as someone could be but they were willing to work with me and give me a shot. The agents have been fantastic with booking me gigs, while being very accommodating with my schedule.”
As said by famous model Derek Zoolander, “I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. And I plan on finding out what that is.” A quote that did not set Cory onto this path of becoming an actor/model, but rather made him think about the future. Cory says all he wants to do is bring the magic of film/TV to everyone’s lives someday. For now, he tries not to take the business too serious, and just enjoys what he’s doing; something he never wants to lose focus on. Cory is looking forward to future workshops, enrolling into the Second City Acting Program, and chasing the best version of himself he can be. Most of all, he dreams of being in a superhero television show some day, a dream he promised himself as a child.