Model Citizen: Caitlind Kissoon


Caitlind Kissoon, is now a twenty-year old STRUTT Model. STRUTT had signed her after an interview when she was 15, since then, she has done many photoshoots and local runway shows for variety of local business such as; Flavour, Plush Boutique, Cottage Toys, Urban Planet, Antoinette’s Bridal Dresses, etc. Now, she currently works at Euphoria Spa as a Skin Care Therapist and still participates in the modeling world. She is engaged and bubbly, and pleasant to meet. Her future holds many passions that she is still analyzing. Caitlinds’ evolving world has been about her ideas of traveling in the modeling world and her esthetics. She wishes to pursue different aspects of her modeling career essentially in commercial and catalog.  (Photo: Jamo Best)