ADRIENNE FOLEY is an energetic and dynamic addition to the STRUTT Central Model & Talent Agency. A progressive woman, open to new ideas and reinventing herself, she has always had an interest in acting from a young age. Life experience has given her the courage to pursue her passion and fulfill her dream of being on screen. The life-long acting passion that sizzled inside, flowed out into other areas of her life. She is a car enthusiast, resurrecting retro style corvettes and giving them a gorgeous modern touch. Her creative vision has also evolved existing modern beauties like the Mustang Shelby and Dodge Viper. Her driving skills easily match her taste for speed, precision and elegance. Adrienne also loves motorcycles and the feeling of freedom that comes with day-long ride adventures. Her career as a stylist and a successful salon/spa owner in downtown Toronto, has provided the tools to become any character that is required of her in the acting industry. Adrienne has had thirty years of character study, interacting with clients, managing staff and all the dynamics involved. Since joining STRUTT, Adrienne has hit the ground running with every opportunity presented to her. She has worked in various commercials from Mother-in-law for Home Reliance Heating, a school principal for Staples, a jogger for Circle K and a party-girl conga line lead in Buffalo Wild Wings. Adrienne has also played a Doctor of Cardiology in Untold Stories of the ER and recently acquired the role of a former president’s wife in an upcoming series on CNN RawStory. When asked what prompted her decision to pursue acting her response, β€œIt’s who I was always meant to be. I love to immerse myself in different characters. My open attitude and curiosity cultivate the skills for acting. It’s natural to become the character that I need to be.”
We are all very excited to see her unique talents emerge as she gains momentum in her new career.