Making a Fashion Statement with ‘Rubbish’ Style

In the battle against plastic waste, Mont Pellier – Global Platform is putting itself on the front line. Mont Pellier collaborated with PeterGrayHair and the PG ZOO to develop a performance for the NOISE TAIWAN SHOW to raise awareness on the epidemics of plastic plaguing the Earth.
In this modern society of disposable culture, plastic is one of the most celebrated and widely used materials. More than nine billion tons of plastic are produced each year out of which [only] estimated nine percent is recycled-while the rest end up as litter.
Thankfully, the fashion industry has innovative minds who have demonstrated incredibly resource-intensive vision-creating stylish, designs from plastic waste collected locally in Taiwan. Over a thousand plastic bags and several hundred plastic bottles were collected during this project.
The list of adventurous talents are:
Peter Gray, World renowned hair stylist and Christina Abbott Creative Director at Mont Pellier – Global Platform, who provided the concept for the shoot; Photographer Saeho Kim; a team of diverse skills that included Erika Fung, Shirley Liang, Arisa Yamasaki, Dayan, Huang Yu-Lang, Jay Kim, Christine Kim, and Desmond Wong.
The artistic skills of makeup by Nien Tze Lee team worked their magic on models-Ariel at Catwalk Models and Sundia Hsu. The film was edited by @emilygilhooley; and with special contribution by @miingstudio, Winny, and Joy that made the show a cutting edge statement on ‘epidemics of plastic’ with a flair!