Lauryn Mills: Saving The Planet With Elegance

Over consumption. Fast fashion. It is murdering the planet. Every piece of clothing we own has already made a negative impact even before it found its way in our closet. The consequences which will but only continue to escalate.
The fashion industry needs a revolution. STRUTT model Lauryn Mills is exactly that revolution who is using her beauty and talent to advocate towards more sustainable fashion. She is the face for the print campaign of Preloved spring/summer 2017 collection, FIRST CLASS. As suggested by the name, Mills is indeed delightful with extravagant poise while she saves the planet with elegance.
“Preloved is a lifestyle brand beloved for its one-of-a-kind clothing from carefully curated reclaimed vintage fabrics, all manufactured and designed with love in Canada. For almost two decades now, ‘Preloved’ has created luxe magic to save the planet one thread at a time.”
Congratulations to Lauryn Mills for being a part of progressive fashion revolution towards creating a better place!