Fleur: A Romantic Fantasy

Nestled in the sea of blooming flowers, romantic soft colors, STRUTT/PLUTINO model Marie Kluwe is a blossoming flower. The fashion editorial themed “Fleur” was published in ELEGANT Magazine. This delightful illustration epitomized the beauty, joy, and inspiration that a flower can bring. It is a representation that transports the beholder to a land of dream and fantasy.
This vision of euphoria was created and captured by the magical lens of photographer Paisley Spence, with hair and makeup by Alyssa Courtney.
“Elegant is a Fashion, Beauty, Editorial and Conceptual art magazine that is published monthly in digital format as well as Print. With the magazine’s focus on creative minds from around the world, it serves as a gateway for aspiring artists, from amateur artist to students to professionals.”
Congratulations to model Marie Kluwe for an elegant personification of the beauty of mother nature!

Ugyen Wangmo