DeLaney Auger a model with a versatile face

Chameleon, a face that can transform to portray different spirit is what makes a model powerful in fashion, given the nature of the industry. STRUTT/NUMA model DeLaney Auger is just that; with a feature, and demeanor that metamorphoses to embody a range of mood and tones. And this stunning fashion editorial speaks for itself. She is a midnight seductress who is alluring and attracting you, yet very mysterious, and untouchable. Auger, then completely changes her disposition. Donning a pink hair, clad in a rebellious little black dress, thigh-high leather boots, and fitted gloves; she is a rebel. With hair by DeLaney Auger, herself, makeup by Makeup Artist & Lash Tech, and style by Shari Louise Auger, these fashionable images were photographed by Donna Lynn.