Creative look into the elegant past

Fashion is all about the future. By definition, it is just as uncertain as what is to come. But one definite thing in the fashion world is change, constantly bombarded with new fashion ideas. In this ever-changing landscape, it calls for a pause… to look back and reflect on the elegance of fashion from the past. A team of talents thusly come together to fashion this editorial “Creative look into the elegant past”.
Lauryn Mills, and Emily Verduyn take the center stage to tell the story, at Lang Pioneer Village. With, hair by Sherri Wilfong, makeup by Melanie Deighton, and wardrobe by Janet Van Dompseler, the image is seized for eternity by the skillful lens of Jamo Best. A glance at this portraiture and we are inescapably transported back in time. Hypnotized. Beholder is seduced to enunciate deep appreciate for fashion, style, and culture of the bygones