Britney Bentick in Love and Nudes launch campaign

What is fashion if it is not reflective of the society. But the fashion as we know tends to be more often than usual, not completely inclusive of the entirety of community. It is no news that there are big chunks of people within the society who are alway forgotten. Left behind. Not being catered to by Fashion.
Appreciatively, every day there is a cutting -edge idea being born, making a novel impact. Taking a step closer to achieving that distant goal of “all-embracing” industry.
One such revolutionary brand is Love and Nudes. The first Canadian nude lingerie line for women of color, by Chantal Carter Taylor from Toronto.
Can something as momentous as this ever be complete without STRUTT fulfilling its obligation to endorse the positive change? Of course not! Ergo, STRUTT model Britney Bentick extends the support by being a part of Love and Nudes launch campaign. A brand that includes the diverse colors of the world.