Avant-Gard: A magical fashion editorial underwater

Water- submerged realm is a wonder that makes it a dream to photograph. The fluidity with which the models and fabrics move, and all the other elements in play flow with the weightlessness of water. Avant-Garde brings the mystic life of underwater onto the land.
Grandly fitted in designs of WinsDesign (Le Wins), STRUTT model Michaela Zinsmeister is indeed the Naiad as she gracefully connects with the wonder of this submerged realm, and becomes one herself.
The fashion editorial Avant-Garde by Erika Fung is a finalist for 2017 NAHAs (North American Hairstyling Awards). NAHAs is the most prestigious hair and beauty award in the country.
It is a sheer brilliance which communicates the meticulous craftsmanship of Hair and Headpiece by Erika Fung, Hair artists- Arisa Yamasaki, and Yumika Ito, while the Makeup by Vanessa Garland envisages a temperament of the model akin to Naiads, the water nymphs.
The magical story of Avant-Garde characteristic of breathtaking aesthetic stays eternalized by Photographer Peter Nguyen of PN Imaging. A seasoned fashion photographer who is no stranger to playing with varied fields of creativity.


Photographer Peter Nguyen of PN Imaging