Eye on City Hall

Finally got the bike out of storage this week. Thanks to Molly for keeping it in her storage locker all winter. Little oil and she’s all street worthy again. That’s the bike, not Molly.
So, why the rush-rush exodus of the most senior staff from city hall? Six months and six gone to retirement or greener pastures: Doherty, Mitchelson, Jackson, Humble, Seabrooke and Lester. In turn, The Diane has now voted in favour of a city committee position for her own election campaign manager and a Finance Manager position for her own election finance chair. Add to that her acceptance of a $100 election contribution from another senior city staffer. Top bureaucrat Clancy ought to speak up about this but won’t.
More deep thoughts from millennial downtown councillor Kemi Akapo. Councillors were debatin’ DOFO’s contentious decision to eliminate the local public health unit. Her one and only contribution was to replace the words “his or her staff” in reference to the Medical Officer of Heath with the words “their staff.” Like, just in case the MoH one day might be transgender, third gender, bi-gender, pangender, genderqueer or intersex. All tree and no forest there.
I wasn’t the only one who found it passing strange to see city councillors quiz the Eastern Ontario Regional Network rep about his request for city funding for better broadband internet service and mobile cell phone service, ‘specially since every single councillor still uses paper for all their agendas and reports. Time to catch up with the Townships, kids.

Angus Derrien