Eye on City Hall

This was a good one. A few weeks back, Peterborough city councillors got their noses out of joint over reduced provincial funding for child care in the city, and they publically called out MPP Dave Smith to appear before them and account for his dastardly deed.
Turns out they called MPP onto their carpet only to have him pull the rug out from under them. Smith schooled them all in political jousting, just as MPP Leal used to do, showin’ a much greater grasp of city issues than the angry councillors themselves. Councillors tried to grill the rookie MPP and got laughably burned in the process. Councillor Gary Baldwin, who might be runnin’ against Smith in the next provincial election and has been taking sly pot shots at him whenever he gets the chance, was particularly bested under Smith’s pedagogy. The councillors retreated with their political tails between their legs. This is the way the challenge ends, not with a bang but a whimper.
Don’t know why folks are getting so upset that the Peterborough Ratepayers Association issued a city councillor report card that threw shade on all the lefties. Hello … they are conservatives who want city hall spending and taxes reduced. Players play, as they should. That’s what makes for lively democracy, kids. If ya don’t like it, then stop whinin’ and take them on. Even so, giving Councillor Kemi a 10% rating – a politician for whom stolidity never becomes cause for concern – seems about right.