Eye On City Hall

If ya’ ask me, city hall’s handling of the tent city fiasco was shameful. Ya had six months notice that the warming room was going to close and ya did nothin’. That means you caused the problem. Ya saw no urgency in a brutal heat wave when homeless people hunkered down right there on yer front lawn. Ya told the public not to give tents to the evicted folks so you could force them into shelters they want nothin’ to do with and that filled up with other users a week later anyway. Ya patronized them with water and a porta potty, when what they needed was a decent place to stay. Ya pretended that Monsef’s election funding of the Brock was a timely solution. Ya upset everyone with rumours of a forcible removal and then backed away from it. Ya panicked when Monsef’s proposal for an emergency plan looked like it might give her the spotlight. Seventeen days in, with only two hours notice for public deputations, ya decided to bully the library staff and house the tenters in the library basement. Most of them just ignored you and only a handful took up the offer. Ya had a big shot meeting announcing a pre-prepared plan to which the public was not invited. Everybody remember when the Diane said she was runnin’ for mayor cause she thought that it would be easy to do a better job than Daryl? Yikes. If there was an award for best bumbling missteps by a government that’s in over its head, city hall would win it hands down. It’s quite a feat to have all sides pissed at you. Please do better.

Angus Derrien