Eye On City Hall

The sciatica been actin’ up and I didn’t get to my seat at the council chamber this month. Special thanks to Molly fer letting me watch the city council meetings on her computer.
Good on the Diane for showin’ up and speakin’ at the D Day event at Confederation Park. It meant somethin’ to us, yer worship, and it was hands down the best speech we’ve heard from ya. If you wanna do more of that – you know, speaking about really important things – Angus will salute ya.
Had to feel for Bob Hall from the Police Services Board who made a pitch to city councillors for a new $47 million police station in the burbs. Um, no go. He musta known that dog wouldn’t hunt. Even though they appointed him to the Police job, some new city councillors put passive barriers up to former city councillors like Bob, especially since he was one of the Bennett brigade. Maybe next council.
Big kudos to two of the old guard, councillors Henry Clarke and Lesley Parnell. Henry got the 2020 budget guideline pushed down to a 2.34% increase, even though the Diane, probably influenced by a Nyznik nip, said she wanted it higher. Two weeks later, Councillor Riel did the Diane’s bidding and tried to bring the tax increase back up, but he failed. Lesley got the OK for no new city services next year unless somebody else pays for em.’ We’re gonna hurt bad when DOFO really cuts back on stuff, so the city needs to remember us regular folk and go easy on them tax increases. Thanks.

Angus Derrien