Eye 0n City Hall

So, the Diane has given city councillors a new seating plan in the council chamber. May seem trivial but it ain’t. Two councillors from each ward now sit directly beside each other, shoulder to shoulder, overlookin’ each other’s notes. Odd, since they all previously chose to sit far away from each other and most of them have strained relations at best. Looks to me that Kemi Akapo needed neighbourly Dean Pappas to lean on and the rest are paying the uncomfortable price.

Finitimis bellum.

It’s harder than ya think for city councillors to be consistent in the decisions they gotta make. Departmental silos, pet projects, power plays, local votes and amateurism always get in the way. OK, but the Diane seems to have taken it to a new extreme. Look here. She’s no fan of the city’s airport what with that nasty carbon release and all, and she voted against spending yer money on its 50th anniversary celebration. OK, but then she jumped out of a carbon-spewing plane to support the airport event she voted against and then, the next day, voted to declare a climate emergency. Huh? Later, she put out a release congratulatin’ corporate sponsors on a great event. High carbon hypocrisy. If ya don’t stand fer somethin’, you’ll fall for anythin’.

Did ya’ see that the Diane couldn’t clear the way fer her election campaign manager to get an easy ride as the newly appointed head of the New Canadians Centre? Damn those privileged straight white settler oppressor males.