An Eye on City Hall

So the city’s gotta’ get the tenters out. OK, but what’s with the heavy-handed and arbitrary overkill of the new parks and trespass bylaws? What would pre-mayor Diane have said about a night time curfew for 108 city parks, or a bylaw that absolutely bans stuff like climbin’ a tree, sittin’ on a fence, feedin’ a squirrel and not raisin’ yer voice? She also voted for a ban on sports, like Frisbee; ridin’ a bike; or cooking on a hibachi without the approval of some unknown staff. C’mon. Pre-mayor, I don’t think the Diane would have voted in favour of a trespass notice that prohibits the tenters from any legal action against the city. Or fined people for smoking at their tent homes. She said she wouldn’t enforce these nasty bylaws and then she did. She said she wouldn’t evict the tenters and then she did. All ya’ did was relocate a problem. If ya’ ask me, criminalizing the poor is dumb and pointless. Remember Draco of Athens?
I see that one of the new appointments to the Diane’s Environmental Advisory Committee was a guy who gave money to her election campaign. Just add him to the list of Therrien donors who get rewarded with city plums, like her former campaign manager and her former campaign finance chair. Seems no local journo heads wanna write about it, huh?

So that’s it,
Angus Derrien