An Eye On City Hall

So city councillors said no to Her Worship’s two-year experiment to allow folks to raise hens in their backyards. Good for them. It’s kinda’ obvious that the Diane has a mean girl habit of tryin’ to undo whatever the previous Bennett council did. Look forward, pumpkin; it gives ya’ a much better view of what’s important. My guess is that backyard eggs look real good to yer hipsters and millennial dreamers, but ya gotta’ know that when you go for backyard chickens ya become an accomplice to a world of staggerin’ and unbearable animal cruelty. How so? Chicks come from factory hatcheries where they are incubated in metal drawers. Male chicks are ground up or gassed alive. In yer backyard, hens in coops are sitting targets for foxes, hawks, racoons, skunks, dogs, coyotes and mink, which you are effectively inviting onto yer property, and yer neighbour’s. Chickens are rototillers: they destroy green plants and lawns. They’re noisy too, as yer neighbours will find out. Once a hen’s production wanes, some people don’t want em’ anymore and their abandonment and disposal is as brutal and back 40 as you can imagine. Just ask the rescue sanctuaries. When they get sick and die – cause most hipsters don’t vaccinate them – ya have more cruelty and disposal problems. Look, everything the hipsters want to achieve can be met through plant based diet. If ya have to eat the flesh, let the farmers do their job.
So that’s it, Angus Derrien