Last month, city councillors got a report on their annual salaries and expenses. Did ya’ notice that our mayoral bike enthusiast and sprawl opponent was the only councillor to have an annual car allowance? Yep, she gets an additional $5,122 to drive about in an evil auto, putting another crimp in the credibility of the city’s paper-thin climate change emergency.

MPP Dave Smith had a good nose stretcher the other day, tellin’ the media that he had nothin’ to do with the provincial appointment of his political “wingman” Kariunas to the Peterborough Police Services Board. Um … well … no. A bunch of locals I know have been approached by the MPP about taking on provincial appointments. For some reason, yer local reporters don’t wanna’ push back on that doozy. 

Like TS wrote, April may be yer cruellest month what with the virus and all. Even so, Molly and I been out on our bikes when we can. It’s good to look up again. Big props to the Diane and Dr. Salvaterra and her team for the daily briefings on the Covid. Solid decision by the city to set up an isolation and treatment centre for the shelter folks. Best thing the city has done all term. Remember that when yer lookin’ at a novel virus that mutates from people to people for which we got no natural or acquired immunity, ya got real trouble. I know you don’t know who I am, but please know that I’m thinkin’ about all ya’. Stay safe.