My old friend Molly from the Rubidge has her troubles like the rest of us. But fer my money, she’s got more sense than most women half her age and double the courage to say what needs sayin’. Look, like she told me, city council acts like a fish outta water, floppin’ about without knowin’ what the next moment’s gonna’ bring.

She’s right. Issues just seem to sneak up on city councillors and they’re always actin’ like they’re surprised by them. The community is well ahead of them in urging action on things like the rise of tent city; the demolition of St. Paul’s church and the Malt building; the BWXT nuclear license renewal; the advocacy for more rent supplements; the need to repurpose Northcrest arena; and the pride felt for the Centennial Fountain. Councillors feel the community heat and, with spines of mush, fall down.

The real problem is that city council has no agenda against which to judge issues as they come up. No strategic plan. A new official plan with no big ideas. No updated zoning bylaw. And the Diane’s 39 election campaign promises have already turned to dust. So, councillors flutter about, unhappy wanderers who come across as self-blinded weakerthans. They don’t drive any public policy or political agenda of their own, which means they give up control to others. Good governments don’t act that way. And they get defeated when they do. Look, if ya’ don’t know where you’re goin’, any road will get ya’ there.