Don’t care what anybody says about climate change. It’s friggin’ cold in my room and I can’t get the lordly bossman to give a hoot about my windy windows. Sorry, but I been payin’ rent all these years and the injustice gets me riled sometimes.

I see that the kids at Peterborough This Week did a report card on city councillors, barely givin’ them a passin’ grade. These are the Lois orphans who used to make big news with their report cards and most influential people lists. Good on them. Anything that holds power to account is crackerjack. But if I could tug on yer coat about the issues you ranked – like tent city and the malt factory demo – I have to say that ya missed the big one. That is, city council has no strategic or political agenda. It still bounces about in a policy vacuum, happy to let the staff decide what’s important and even happier to do their boring bidding. If ya have some sort of agenda for a better community, people will forgive ya if ya mess up along the way once in a while. At least we’ll know that we’re on a road to somewhere.

On the feudin’ farmers scene, the Peterborough Regional Farmers Network (good guys) withdrew from the Morrow Park competition, leaving the win to the Peterborough District Farmers Market (bad guys). Not reported was the fact that the good guys actually won the competition but quietly decided they couldn’t live with a bunch of the city’s unworkable decisions. Shame