Ron Sexsmith

Interview: Ron Sexsmith

June 1, 2008 thewire 0

(June 2008) One of Canada’s premier tunesmiths will be coming to Peterborough in August. 9 albums, a bunch of tours and thousands of fans including the likes of Elvis Costello, Paul McCartney and Sheryl Crow and Ron has hit the big time. He recently performed at Showplace to a sold […]

Interview: Jack DeKeyzer

June 1, 2008 thewire 0

The seductive combinations of crooning melodies and international award winning lyrics have easily given Toronto-based musician Jack de Keyzer the reputation of one of Canada’s most renowned blues guitarists. Described as one of the “last true-blue rock’n rollers” and as a “coveted super-hero in Canada”, de Keyzer returns to Peterborough […]

Jim Cuddy

Interview: Jim Cuddy

January 16, 1999 thewire 0

(1999) As Canada’s consummate songwriters, Greg Keelor and Jim Cuddy continue to weave the rural experience with the urban one, while applying just the right mix of sentiment and honesty. Their songs are about things that happen to people. With this new release, they open a chapter on a new […]

Don Walsh

Don Walsh

May 16, 1998 thewire 0

(1998) Canada’s premier blues band “The Downchild Blues Band” has been entertaining audiences for decades now and have earned them a special place in the Canadian music scene. I got a chance to talk to Don Walsh one day from his home in the country… MB: What’s up these days Don?  […]

Ronnie Hawkins

Interview: Ronnie Hawkins

May 16, 1996 thewire 0

(1996) Rock star, movie star, TV personality, guru, teacher, father, husband, diplomat, bad boy. These are all words one could use to described the exceptional personality that is Ronnie Hawkins. The man has appeared with everyone from Dick Clark to Bill Clinton, Carl Perkins to Bob Dylan, even John Lennon […]

Gene Simmons

Interview: Gene Simmons

May 16, 1994 thewire 0

(1994) I was especially excited to get this interview. I was a huge KISS fan as a youth. Of all the personalities I’ve interviewed, none was as successful and down to earth as Gene Simmons. I spoke to him by phone from his studio while he mixed some film scores […]

Interview: Bruce Good

June 1, 1993 thewire 0

Twenty years and eight Junos later, The Good Brothers are still at it. Their big hit “Fox on the Run” and endless touring have established them as true Canadian country superstars. I spoke with Bruce about being a Good and having his his son Travis in the band…. Mb: Hey […]