Mb Speaks: April 2017

Hello April! I’m looking forward to the showers that will bring May flowers, getting my motorcycle out of hibernation and finalizing plans for the summer. I’ll be performing my Bowie show in Port Perry this month at the same theatre I staged “Bell Sings Buble” last month. The Town Hall Theatre, is a quaint soft seater with a big stage and great sight lines and I’m looking forward to returning. We’ve added a few new tunes to the show, so if you’re out and about on Saturday April 22 be sure to grab a ticket. Speaking of music… I returned to Havana again last month. Seemed like I was there only weeks earlier, because I was! I can’t get enough of that city. The live music is everywhere, any time day or night and I always barge my way on to someone’s stage to share my Spanglish and the couple of common Latin numbers I’ve “mastered”. For those wondering whether they should visit the island, I couldn’t suggest it more and anyone who follows me on Trip Advisor knows I’ve got nothing but good things to say about the people, the sand, beach, and cheap rum. Can’t wait to return.. Speaking of music and cheap Rum, sad news has reached my ears concerning two of Peterborough’s iconic live venues falling under the knife. The Blackhorse and Pig’s Ear have long been staples for local musicians looking to perform and make a couple of pesos. To add to the dismay, neither club will reopen in a new location, and Peterborough will be left with two less places to hear songs old and new. That said, it’s good to know that both Ray & John have gotten out before the business takes its toll. I’ve had more than one bar buddy fall to the pressures the club biz exerts. From family to health, free drinks and late nights isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It really is a young person’s business and it’s good to see those two old timers get out while they could! Welcome to your new life boys! Maybe now you can go fishing… Speaking of fishing, I’ve sure seem a lot of trolling these days. And I don’t mean people sitting in a boat, rather I mean, people sitting behind a keyboard fishing for comments online. From the highest echelons of power to the lowest levels of self importance, the internet has become a place where anger and bitterness are commodities and vehicles for gathering followers or a pity parade. Used to be that if you had a comment to make, you might write a letter to the local paper or even go so far as to start your own magazine! The cost of print always inspired a careful commentary, one that was balanced enough to inspire readers to pick it up. No one would buy a magazine full of hate, unless I suppose they were full of hate themselves. A very limited readership and ultimately not long for the shelves. But now, anyone with an internet connection and a smart phone can spew the worthless for anyone bored enough to read. It’s truly a disturbing development in the culture. It fosters mob mentality and lack of critical thinking IMO. I avoid the stuff like the plague. Afterall, don’t we have enough Walking Dead? What’s so funny about peace, love and understanding anyway?
Keep the faith, Mb
Hey Michael,
Just a quick note to thank you for your great support for my Peterborough show in the fabulous venue under the clock . Your extremely well done piece in The Wire was very much appreciated and a big factor in making the show a success! Mike was very happy about it as was I. Thank you for taking the time, giving me the cover, and making the interview so interesting!
Lennie Gallant