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KAITLYN YONEMITSU is an outgoing and hard working, 15-year-old girl who strives for success in everything that she does . She gives her all no matter the challenge. She has been a model with STRUTT Central since the age of 9 and has been involved in a variety of projects, […]

Mr Meaner

HorrorScopes: March 2019

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Aries: A caustic remark cuts you to the quick, but resist the urge to respond in kind because it’s not worth it. Lowering yourself to this person’s level only diminishes you. Knock them down and stand on their chest. The view will be much better from there. Wear cleats. Taurus: […]

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winter sure does blow

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I watched on the TV how some people don’t believe that weather is changing and not like summer is coming but like things are heating up all over and its bad. willie who lives under the bridge said that every year it gets colder and harder to be sleepin outside. […]

Mb Speaks

Mb Speaks: March 2019

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So, here comes March. Famous for the Ides, the drinking and the first glimpses of spring. A month when, just as you think you can’t take winter anymore, a tulip pops its bulb through the snow. It’s when motorcycle shows start selling you dreams, and you take that one last […]

Interview: Megan Bonnell

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Megan Bonnell is quickly becoming one of Canada’s leading voices as a songwriter, performer, and artist. A two-time Canadian Folk Music Award nominee, Megan has spent the last three years touring Canada, the US, and making groundbreaking debut performances at European festivals including BIME Live Festival in Bilbao, the Barcelona […]