Richard Daniel Leko

November 2, 2017 thewire 0

When Richard Daniel Leko was a small kid, he would marvel at the fun of it actually being ok to make mistakes, as he watched TV Bloopers & Practical Jokes. Watching this every week on TV, he would continually tell his parents that this is what he wanted to do. […]

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Why North Korea?

November 2, 2017 thewire 0

Since Donald Trump started prodding North Korea, the world is wondering whether it’s about to witness America’s wrath “The likes of which has never been seen before.” After threatening Kim Jong-un, the U.S. then slapped crippling sanctions of the DPRK, only to be answered with a threat of “A thousands […]

Smoke Em If You Got Em

November 2, 2017 thewire 0

so mary who stands in front of the liquor store says she heard that the government is going to sell pot soon. something about pot stores like beer stores except the government would own them not the pot heads. bob who sleeps on the couch says he’s pretty sure the […]

Mb Speaks

Mb Speaks: November 2017

November 2, 2017 thewire 0

Hello November, what do you hold for me? Gigs, you say! First, I’ll be bringing Bowie Lives back to the club where it all began, The Oshawa Concert Hall, Saturday November 11. The show has been together for almost a year now, and it gets tighter every time we perform […]

micah barnes

Interview: Micah Barnes

November 2, 2017 thewire 0

(November 2017) I first met Micah Barnes back in the 80’s when we were both lads cutting our musical teeth. He was playing the iconic clubs of Queen St, while I busked outside them. One thing that struck me was his dynamic presence, ability to entertain… and the voice! It […]