Model Citizen: Sandra Agudosi

Although she has always had an interest in modeling from a young age, Sandra’s modeling career began when she was scouted by Strutt Central at a makeup launch event, while she was studying Applied Economics at Brock University. She went on to join the Strutt team attending auditions in Toronto even when she lived miles away. She moved to Toronto after her studies and continued to model with Strutt. She has had the pleasure of working with Strutt to improve her portfolio. She has worked with several talented photographers and makeup artists for different campaigns. She worked with Coca-Cola during the ‘Share a Coke’ promotional campaign. She was booked with various fashion designers at the most recent Fashion Arts Toronto runway event and has most recently worked with Lace Canada for their upcoming campaign.
Outside of modeling, she works as an Account Executive for a financial institution presenting financial instruments to clients.
Sandra would like to build a fashion brand in the future but plans to take her modeling career as far as she can and be as successful as she can, pursuing different aspects of modeling including commercial, fashion and catalog.