Model Citizen: Bukola Walfall

Bukola began her journey as an entertainer at the age of 3 after being enrolled into her first dance class. What started as “just dance”, eventually lead to years of recitals and competitions, and one obvious conclusion: this girl was meant to perform. Dance classes eventually became musical theatre classes, and those classes eventually turned into improv and scene study classes. When she wasn’t practicing and performing, Bukola spent her time at home writing and directing her own showcases for her family.
After dedicating most of her time in high school to the performing arts, Bukola began her journey at UofT, where she graduated with a degree in Cinema Studies. It was after graduation that she begun seeking out opportunities not only as an actor but as a director. At the end of the summer in 2017, Bukola was asked to participate in a photoshoot and she was signed with STRUTT soon after that. Lately she has booked a handful of commercials and films, and is excited to spend the next few weeks working on two more feature length films. She also enjoys filming videos for her YouTube channel, where she recently celebrated hitting 18 thousand subscribers. Bukola plans to produce and act in her own short film as her next personal project. As a filmmaker, she hopes to create stories that not only resonate with people, but also challenge them to expand their perspectives.