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The Barnyard Sessions: All About the Song

4th Line Theatre 4 Tupper Street, Millbrook

Sean Conway, Lauryn Macfarlane, Kelly McMichael, Benj Rowland Please note that our box office is closed for staff holidays and will re-open as of 9:00 AM on Monday, September 20th. If you would like to purchase tickets in the meantime, you can do so online at our Online Box Office [...]

Long Range Hustle: returning to the road for Tweed’s On The Water

Beachwood Hollow Resort 275 Victoria St S, Tweed

Hailing from small town Ontario woods, you could have found them playing handfuls of musical instruments, singing in community choirs, practicing slapshots and blocking hockey pucks, running summer camps and ultimately performing Long Range Hustle shows throughout high school. College and university flew by as they spent every weekend performing [...]