Turn It Down

October 2, 2017 thewire 0

ok what the hell happened? first it was a good summer for sleepen outdoors but when the rain came it was bad. and then it got 2 hot and I couldn’t drink beer enough. mostly because I ran out of beer and didn’t have any money because asken was so […]

Randy Don’t Care

September 6, 2017 thewire 0

  Don’t Care Looks like I get less space again this month to right my stories. thats ok because I don’t have much to say this month other than summers over. willie who lives under the bridge says september is the worst month because everyone is mad that summer is […]

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July 11, 2017 thewire 0

hey its me randy. I’m here on this page right beside the bossmans story. I didn’t think it was a big deal but Mary who stands in front of the licker store says I should get more beer, so I’m excited. so I asked the bossman and he told me […]

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June 5, 2017 thewire 0

me and willie who lives under the bridge are really excited about stuff this summer. used to be there weren’t nothing to do and now there are lots of people downtown and that makes it good for asking. bob who sleeps on the couch says he always does good when […]

I Got Leverage or Something

May 1, 2017 thewire 0

LEVERAGE ok so some fool went and told the boss that I wasn’t getting enough room for my stories and he wanted more. so then the boss tells me I got to work more because I have people expecting stuff now or something. Bob who sleeps on the couch said […]