Mr Meaner

HorrorScopes: August 2019

July 31, 2019 thewire 0

Aries: Gravitate toward people and projects that will help you maintain and make headway. Take care of unfinished personal business, and you will get ahead financially. Just because people think you’re dating your grandparent, you’ll have the final laugh. Death is just around the corner and the Will has been […]

Mr Meaner

HorrorScopes: July 2019

July 8, 2019 thewire 0

Aries: The approaching eclipse will bring out the emotional side of your nature, but that’s no bad thing. Remember that time you cried for days until you got that vacation south you really wanted? Might have cost you the marriage but you have money left over from the sale of […]

Mr Meaner

HorrorScopes: June 2019

May 31, 2019 thewire 0

Aries: Today you will go overboard trying to spruce up your looks. You attempt to imbibe new looks. A very desirable date will raise high expectations in you and will keep you on the edge of your seat. Don’t worry if they don’t recognize you at first, that Bozo the […]

Mr Meaner

HorrorScopes: May 2019

May 1, 2019 thewire 0

Aries: Your instincts guide you to the correct financial solution. You could be relieved that with a risk, all works out as you like. You get more prison time if you get caught with a weapon, so consider wearing a jacket with pockets and exercise your index finger for the […]

Mr Meaner

HorrorScopes: April 2019

April 1, 2019 thewire 0

Aries: This is a morning that starts with confusion… perhaps there are too many options to decide from. Still, it is a great day for communication. Ask yourself whether you’ll have the Wheaties or the Cheerios before you decide. Taurus: You are focused on sorting out several issues on the […]

Mr Meaner

HorrorScopes: March 2019

March 1, 2019 thewire 0

Aries: A caustic remark cuts you to the quick, but resist the urge to respond in kind because it’s not worth it. Lowering yourself to this person’s level only diminishes you. Knock them down and stand on their chest. The view will be much better from there. Wear cleats. Taurus: […]

Mr Meaner

Horror Scopes: February 2019

February 10, 2019 thewire 0

Aries: Aim your energy in a single direction, because if you have more than one target you will reduce your chances of success. Step one, lift the toilet seat. Step 2. Aim. Step 3. Release. Success achieved. You will now be loved by someone other than yourself. Taurus: You may […]

Mr Meaner

HorrorScopes: January 2019

January 4, 2019 thewire 0

Aries: This is a marvellous day to schmooze with friends, partners and members of the general public. Everyone has a strong sense of well-being and optimism today. Hang out with the Nihilist, once you’re tired of the geeks and do what you do best, nothing. Taurus: You can get a […]

Mr Meaner

HorrorScopes: December 2018

December 2, 2018 thewire 0

Aries: Get things rolling Christmas Day. Your energy is just right for giving that gentle nudge that ensures events take place without your having to direct every little detail. It may get crazy. Consider arming yourself. There is no longer a gun registry so you can stockpile weapons until needed […]

Mr Meaner

HorrorScopes: September 2018

September 1, 2018 thewire 0

Aries: The flow of events today make it easy for you to make clear decisions, see the road ahead and move forward. Things seem to fall in place and progress is easy. Keep your foot on the gas, especially if you see red spinning lights in the rear-view. Taurus: Some […]