Lauryn Mills

Lauryn Mills: Saving The Planet With Elegance

April 1, 2017 thewire 0

Over consumption. Fast fashion. It is murdering the planet. Every piece of clothing we own has already made a negative impact even before it found its way in our closet. The consequences which will but only continue to escalate. The fashion industry needs a revolution. STRUTT model Lauryn Mills is […]

Chanel Simard

Model Citizen: Chanel Simard

April 1, 2017 thewire 0

Almost 3 years ago Chanel Simard signed with STRUTT Central Model And Talent Agency. Over these last 3 years Chanel has been developing a great portfolio working with talented photographers such as Peter Nguyen, Paisley Spence, Devon Owens, Ronaldo, Bob House and many more! One year after signing with STRUTT […]