ReFrame Film Festival

January 14, 2020 thewire 0

The ReFrame Film Festival returns to Peterborough (January 23-26), offering movie goers a variety of important documentaries at various venues within the downtown core. The selected films range from popular picks that have received theatrical runs to special independent fare that may never be screened again on the silver screen. […]

January 2020

January 14, 2020 thewire 0

Happy New Year, kids. Hey, I’m startin’ my second year on this column writin’ thing. I dunno if I’m any good at it, but it gets me out of that ice box of a room on Water Street and helps take my mind off the struggles of just bein’ an […]

ring this year in

January 14, 2020 thewire 0

I got drunk. really drunk but it was ok cause it was new year eve. thats when everyone gets drunk so no body noticed me. willie who lives under the bridge said his days of getting really drunk are gone cause his livver cant take it no more. bob who […]

Mb Speaks

Mb Speaks January 2020

January 14, 2020 thewire 0

Welcome to 2020 and the year The Wire Megazine officially goes up for sale. Yep, you read me right. After 30 years of pushing paper and killing trees, I’m looking for a way out. I’ve had tire kickers over the years. I’ve had corporations try to buy me out but […]

Michael Bell

January 4, 2020 thewire 0

It’s been said I’ve worn many hats over the years. Publisher, promoter, festival organizer, activist, I’ve even run for Parliament a couple of times. But did you know, as a teenager, I began fronting bands, including years with local cult success Strobic Axe? After highschool I traveled the country as […]